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Frist Thing is i am tech Lover, i Love to Know About the New Technology and Valuable Technology. Also i Gathering Many Knowledge From Web and  Videos, But Some are Note Correct and Some are Didn’t Explain Well. Then I think Can i Publish The Information, Then I research for Many Several Days, After that i Get the Web Site Idea. no one Know About the Web Site Build and i Didn’t Get Help From Others, i Spend Many Days For Build the Web site From Scratch. That is a Very Adventures Journey for me. Now i Manage the Web site my self .

What You Get From Here

What you Get From Here it is a Important Part of This Website

The Main Need to Birth The Website is Give Full Details Explain Broadly and Give Right information to  Readers 


How i Publish a Article

Behind a Article Have a Many Days of Research and Not Only Research But Also Want to Know About the Right Thing and Choose the Important   Points Also Ignore the Unwanted Information. After That Another Thing is i Try to express Easily, After the +/-  At Last i Publish your Needy Blog.