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Today trending tech news

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Today Trending Tech News 

Today tech news


  • Mediatek Acquire the 38% Market Share on Chipset
  • Internet explorer end from June 15
  • Now According to Oneplus all Models and OPPO all Models  OnePlus Appear as OPPO Subbrand
  • Now India GOVT Take Action over the Betting App
  • MIUI 13.5 Come soon !


  • Now 3D MAP Available for India with this you can know about the destination place with more details
  • OnePlus Have don’t give the Alert slider in Low Variants
  • Display Manufacturing Factory Start soon in India conformed by Tamilnadu GOVT 


  • TELEGRAM officially lunch Paid Service, With this Paid service you Can Use more Features, But Still you can use it with Free Virson
  • Now You Can you add 512 Member in a WhatsApp Group
  • Xiaomi 13 Come Soon 
  • Now Paytm Also Take Charges For  Mobile recharge


  • Intel 13 Gen Come soon with More High Performance
  • Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Come Soon with 4 nm
  • HTC New Smart Phone Come Soon, Name VIVERSE. I think it not Come to India
  • ONE UI 5.0 Come Soon With Much Speed and Much New Features
  • Now WhatsApp Work on Local Chat Backup, with This Features you Can Easily Store your Chat in your Phone
  • AAA a New India Battel royal Game, Come Soon
  • Nothing Phone 1 Come With 45W Fast Charger 
  • Redmi 12 Come Soon to India


  • Infinix Note 12 Pro Come With G99 Processor 
  • OPPO K10 5G Come With HD+ Display i Think In Not Good in 17,499 Price Range
  • Nothing Phone 1 Lunch on 12 July


  • Redmi 12 Series is Coming 
  • May be SAMSUNG Lunch Foldable Phone in A Series and It Will be a Budget Phone
  • ShurfShark VPN now Bane India
  • India Have in 16 Rank on Esports Mobile Gaming
  • PMV Company Now Ready to Lunch her Affordable Electric For Wheler Car, Price Will be Under 4Lakhs


  • Realme 9i 5G Come With Budget Price
  • Xiaomi 12 Ultra Come With 8Gen+ 1 Processor and Many Other Great Specs, Also it have Next Level Design
  • Maybe Nothing Phone Another Model Lunch
  • Now WhatsApp Have Dual Step Verification like Google 
  • MOTO G GO it will be Entry Level Phone and May be it Come Soon


  • A another Company Sued Over the SAMSUNG for Battery Standing Time Technology
  •  Asus ROG Come With 165Hz Refresh Rate and It Will be Highest Refresh For Now
  • IQOO Pro  Come With 200 W Wired Charging and 65 W With Wireless Charging
  • In Europe iPhone 15 Come with Type -C Charger


  • May be WhatsApp Soon Lunch UNDO Option on Chat Section
  • OPPO K10 Come With HD+ 90 Hz Display May be it Will batter Under 20K
  • In This Year 65K People are Cheated for Cryptocurrency, And Price May be About 1 Billion Dollar
  • Apple May be Soon Lunch her Search Engine 
  • MOTO G62 Come Soon and It will be a 5G Phone 


  • BSNL 5G Come Soon
  • Manu Kumar Jain Quit From Xiaomi India
  • OnePlus Budget Phone may Come Under 15K


  • VIVO 200 Fast Charging Phone Lunch Soon 
  • MOTO G82 Lunch Soon
  • May be Asus ROG 6 Come Soon
  • OPPO K 10 5G Come Soon


  • MOTO E 32 Lunch Tomorrow 
  • WhatsApp work on Edit Button
  • According to many Leaks 5G Network Lunch Soon to India
  • JIO-Airtel-VI Now increase her Price 


  • iQOO Neo 6 Lunch today in India just go to Amazon Check the Price 
  • Redmi K50 Ultra May be Most Powerful Phone of Redmi and May be it will Be lunch in This Year
  • ViVO X50 Start the Test 5G with JIO
  • POCO X 4 GT and GT Pro Come Soon with Very Exacting Features
  • Nothing Phone 1 Come with Very Very Narrow Basel 
  • JIO Game pad Lunch  Price is 3500
  • A16 Bionic Chip Based on 5 Nm 


  • SAMSUNG Z Fold come with SP 8Gen1+ and 
  • Oneplus ACE Racing Addition now rebrand And come to India with Name of Oneplus 10 R lite
  • Nokia Predict on 2030 People not use Mobile Phone as much
  • Nothing Phone 1 Come soon


  • Amazon now lunch her Amazon online store for Laptop and it will be helpful for Student
  • May be Xiaomi New Flip Phone Come Soon
  • ViVO Now Work T Series Phone and it will be a Budget Phone
  • Realme Gt Neo 3T Come Soon to India 
  • Telegram Now start her Premium Service like Sticker and it will be Optional
  • Redmi 11 5G Come Soon
  • Microsoft now Work on her Cloud  Streaming and Gaming Device and it Lunch Soon
  • SAMSUNG 200 MP Camera Sensor Lunch soon may be come on MOTO Phones 


  • ViVO V25 Pro Come Soon May be Lunch in July in India
  • Realme PAD X 5G Come With SP 695, 11inch IPS Display , Basically it is a Budget Tab
  • Redmi 10 Prime + 5G Lunch Soon in India
  • May be iphone 14 Series expected lunch Date Will be Change
  • Nokia say they start 6G service on 2030


  • Realme Pad X Maybe Come On June or July on this Year
  • Redmi Note 11T Pro  and Note 11T Pro+ Come With Dimensity 8100
  • POCO X4 GT and X4GT Pro Come Soon to India, It maybe a Rebrand of Redmi Note 11T and 11T Pro
  • Maybe Nothing Phone 1 Lunch on July 1st
  • SAMSUNG Declare they Stop the Featured phone Production


  • Now in New iPhone Series Come With Very Good Quality Selfie 
  • OPPO PAD Air Come Under 15K
  • Again Price Hike of Mobile Phone Recharge Package Price


  • Mediatek Announced the Mediatek Dimensity 1050 , G99, Dimenstiy 930
  • MOTO E32s Affordable Phone Coming Soon
  • AMD Ryzen 7000 Series Come Soon
  • A new GTA Game Come Soon for Mobile Devices 


  • Now you see the Caller ID in Your Caller Screen Without any Apps 
  • SnapDragon 8 GEN+ Come Soon In Mobile
  • Redmi Note 11 T+ and it Come With Dimensity 8100 Chipset


  • Infinix Note 12 Doctor Strange Edition Come on 15K 
  • SAMSUNG Noe Work on the a Role able Laptop 
  • Realme PAD X 5G  Come Soon to India 


  • Narzo 50 5G Come under 16K and May be It Will Be Little bit Expensive
  • Realme GT Neo 3T Come With 80 W fast Charger and it May be Lunch on Next Month
  • POCO C40 and C40+ Come Soon to India Soon
  • GTA 4 Come Soon to Mobile may be Last Period of 2023


  • POCO X4 GT Coming Soon to India
  • Oneplus Ace RA come Soon with the Very Aggressive Price
  • WhatsApp Now Lunch a new Features, With this Features you Can Exit From Group With no Notifications to Other Espect Group admin
  • Nothing Phone 1 May be Come With SP GEn1 


  • ViVo Lunche New T2 Phone on 23 May
  • iOS 16 Coming Soon and it will be Different From Older Versions
  • May be 5G Come Later
  • SAMSUNG  Big TV days Starting From 14 May to 30 June, in this event Period you can But SAMSUNG Premier Tv and won Expensive SAMSUNG Phone


  • Snapdragon 8Gen1 Lunch on 20 May
  • OPPO  Reno 8 Coming on 23 May
  • GTA 6 Coming Soon
  • KOO Now Touch the 30 Million Users
  • Xiaomi Lunch Mix Fold 2 and it will be a Liter and Thinner then Other Foldable phone
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy M13 5G coming under 15K and it Come on June in this Year


  • Andriod 13 Also Coming on Andriod TV and Now It Come With PIP Mode
  • Avtar Movie Now on Mobile Gaming 
  • MOTO G82 Lunch in India


  • BSNL May be Lunch Her 5G Service in 2023
  • Oneplus Nord 2T Lunch in 19 MAY
  • POCO X4 Gt Coming Soon
  • APEX Legend Mobile Now Finally Start on Mobile


  • Google Pixel 6A Lunch Today in India and it Come Under 40K
  • May be iPhone Upcoming Series Phone Come With TYPE-C Charging Port
  • IQOO Neo 6 Come With Snapdragon 870
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S23 MAY BE Coming With 200MP Camera 
  • OnePlus FOLD Coming Soon


  • In near Feature Drone Pilot Requirement Coming Soon In India
  • Realme Lunch a New TAB With SP 8 Gen 1
  • Nothing Phone 1 Lunch Soon and It May Be Batter Then One Plus
  • 6G Coming on May be 2028 and It Will Be Farts Start on South Coria


  • ViVo X80 Series Coming Soon to India
  • Nothing Launcher Now Available for all 
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Z Fold 4 Come soon
  • Realme Narzo 50 5G Come Soon 
  • Realme GT Neo 3T Come Soon
  • POCO F4 5G Come With SP 870
  • Nokia N73 Come With 200MP Camera


  • ViVo T2 Come Soon to India
  • Many Tech Company Come To India Very Soon
  • JIO Loss 1O Lakh Subscriber in a Month 
  • MOTO Razer 3 Come soon to India
  • POCO F4 5G Come Soon


  • SAMSUNG Z Fold 4 Coming Soon
  • Apple, Google and Microsoft Patner Ship With Feedo, After That User Sign in Direct to Her account
  • Infinx Collab with Marvel Studio  may Be Infinix Note 12 Come With Special Variant on Marvel
  • IQOO Neo 6 Coming Soon to India And Maybe it Come Replace of Iqoo Z 7
  • Oneplus 10 Lite Come Soon
  • JIO 5G Come Soon


  • Google Pixel 7 Series Similar as Pixel 6 But Back is Little Bit Different 
  • MOTO Edge 30 Come Soon May be Come Under 30K
  • Oneplus Nord 2T Come With Dimensity 1300 and FHD Amoled dipslay, 90Hz Refresh Rate 
  • OPPO Reno 8 Series May be Come With SP 7Gen 1
  • IQOO Z 7 Come With Under 25K


  • Instagram now Work on Tik Tok, Because Now Instagram Feeds Show On Full Screen
  • Oneplus 10 UltraCome Soon With Very High Specs
  • Redmi 11T Coming Soon
  • Oneplus ACE Over heat on China
  • MOTO 200MP Camera Coming Soon
  • Nothing Phone 1 may Be Coming on JULY
  • Qualcome Network Chip Come Soon And they are Wi-fi 7


  • SAMUSNG UFS 4.0 Coming Soon Also SAMSUNG Work on the 200 MP Camera
  • Payment  Now With Your Hand Access,
  • May be Twitter Now start Paid Service  
  • You tube Go Now Close Soon
  • In feature Smart Phone Camera Have Nano-technology


  • SAMSUNG and TSMC work on the 3nm Chipset 
  • scientist Now Work Thinnest Loud Speaker Like Paper
  • SAMSUNG Know work on Heart Beat  sensor
  • Oneplus Nord 2T 5G Lunch Soon India
  • WhatsApp ban 18 Lakh Account In India
  • POCO F4 GT Come Soon


  • Phantom X Lunch With Curve Display Under 26K and Chipset is Helio G95
  • LAVA Agni Now have New UPDATE
  • 5G May be Coming in This Year
  • Maybe Oneplus Nord 3 Coming Soon


  • MOTO Edge 30 Coming to India With 778G+ 144hz Refresh Rate
  • ViVo X80 Series Lunch in India on May 8 
  • Realme Narzo 50 5G Come With Andriod 12 and May be It Come Under 15K
  • OPPO Reno 8 May be Come With SP 7Gen1
  • Xiaomi 12 Lite Come with Boxy Design and it have SP778 Chipset


  • Xiaomi PAD 5 Lunch Soon in India, It come with SP 860 Also it is a Gaming tablet
  • May be Intel and TSMC Chip maker Company Open her factory  in India soon
  • POCO F4 GT Lunch Yesterday 
  • 6G Coming On 2026, South coria Work on her Porotype
  • Redmi Note 12 MAX Coming Soon


  • Micromax In 2C Come Under 8500, It will be Entry Level Budget Phone
  • Apple 14 Series May Come With Two Different Chipset, 14 Come With A15 Chip and 14 Pro Come With A16 Chip and 48 MP Camera 
  • MOTO G82 Come With Oled Display and SP 695 Chipset
  • ViVo X80 Come With 43,000 and It have Custom Camera Chip and Higher Specs
  • ColorOs 13 Coming Soon and MIUI 13.5 Coming Soon
  • May be Oneplus Lunch Her New phone Under 15K


  • MOTO G52 Lunch today in India
  • POCO F4 GT Basically a Gaming Phone
  • INFINIX Smart 6 Lunch Tomorrow
  • GOOGLE Pixel Watch Come on Next Month
  • ViVo Pro 5G and ViVo T1 4G Lunch Soon in Inda
  • ONEPLUS Nord 2T Price is 26K, and 90 Hz Screen
  • Realme Narzo 50A Budget phone Come With No Charger 


  • Andriod 14 Come Soon and Name of Andriod is Andriod U, Basically is a Sweet Cake Name
  • Oneplus CE 2Lite 5G Come Under 20K
  • 26 April POCO F4 Gt Lunch in Inda
  • Techno May Be Lunch A Phone, Named Phantom X and It will Be Come With Curve Display


  • SAMSUNG M53 Base Variant Come on 26k and Higher Variant is more 2k
  • IQOO 9T a New series Come Soon to India
  • ONEPLUS 10 Come on June
  • Smart phone Price maybe Increase up-to 2027
  • Redmi 12 Series May be Come with 4500Mah battery, under display finger print
  • Google say From 11 May no one can use the third party recoding apps


  • Andriod 13 Coming Soon, Also Come With Many Major Features
  • IQOO Now Work on Her Community
  • India on Rank 1 RAMSOMWARE Attack , It is Basically a Hacker group Hack your data and ask for Money Exchange Them
  • Apple iphone 16 Series Come with Under Display finger Print and Under Display Camera
  • Know WhatsApp Work on the Paid Subscription
  • Realme Work on the Her New Phone Named Realme GT Neo 3T Under 25K
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S23  Come With Big Battery and and More Slim Design 


  • Netflix Loss 2 Lakh Users 
  • Micromax In 2C Come with 5000Mah Battery, 10 W Charger, 5MP Selfie and No Finger Print Sensor
  • SAMSUNG M53 5G May Be Come Under 25K
  • JIO Fiber Start on 22 April in India
  • Redmi 10 A And Redmi 10 Power, Redmi 10 A Successor of Remi 9A
  • Nothing Phone 1 May be Come on April 


  • ViVo T1 X and T1 Pro Come Soon
  • MOTO G52 Lunch on 25 April
  • IQOO Neo 6 Maybe Come Under 40K
  • Realme 10 Series Maybe Come with 80 W Fast Charger 
  • Oneplus 10 R Specs As Same As Realme GT Neo 3


  • OPPO K10 Come With SP 888
  • Twitter Work on the Edit Button
  • ViVO X 80 Series Lunch on 25 April in China
  •  Xiaomi  Pad 5 Come on 27 April
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy M53 5G Lunch in 22 April
  • Realme GT Neo 3 Come To India in 29 April
  • Whatsapp Patnership with Rayban, Now they Work Smart Glass. With Help of this You Can use the Whatsapp Very Easily 


  • ViVo X80 Maybe Come in JUNE to India 
  • Micromax In 2C Come Soon And It Would be a 4G Phone
  • 3NM Chipset Come Soon With iPhone 14  and it Will Be a First in World
  • OPPO K10 5G Come With Dimnesity 8000 and it Will Be Come Soon
  • OnePlus 10 R Come With Dimensity 8100 Max With Some Customize 
  • Oneplus CE 2 Lite 5G  Lunch on 28 In This Months and Specs is Similar to Realme 9 Series 
  • BGMI 2 Coming On 2023


  • ElonMusk Give Offer to Buy Twitter on 43 Billion Dollar
  • POCO C40 Coming soon to India, It will be Entry Level Phone 
  • iQOO Z6 Pro Lunch on 27 April 
  • Apple Work on Three different Types of Gaming Controllers For Phone
  • Now You Can Send UP-TO 2GB File, Now You Can 32 Features Also Community Features Also Coming Soon
  • Realme GT Neo 3 Come on 5 MAY
  • POCO F4 GT Coming Soon With SP 8 Gen 1


  • iQOO Neo 6 Come Soon Come Great Specs and Maybe Come Under 33K
  • ONEPLUS 10 R Lunch on 28 April in India 
  • ViVO T1 Pro Lunch Soon
  • REDMI Note 12 Series Come Soon With Under Display Finger Print and Higher Refresh Rate


  • VIVO X Collab With  Razor it is a Gaming Company
  • REDMI 10 A Lunch on 20 May Come Under 8k-9k and Specs is Decent Compare to her Price
  • VALORANT a PC Popular Game now Start on Mobile Very soon
  • MOTO G52 Lunch on Europe and it is a 4G Phone 
  • OPPOO F21 Come Soon
  • iPhone 14 Series Come With Satellite Network Connectivity, if you Don’t Have any sim Card then you Can Use Emergency call and SoS


  • IQOO Z6 Antutu Score Is 550K+ and it May be Come Under 20K
  • VLC Now Trap by Malware
  • Realme Q 5 Series Lunch in China on 20 April
  • POCO C4 Come With 5 MP Selfie and 60 Hz Refresh Rate And specs is As Same as Remi 10
  • Xiaomi 12 Lite 5G  SP778 5G Chipset
  • Oneplus 10 Come With Dimensity 9000
  • VIVO X Fold Come Under 1 Lakh 7 Thousand 


  • Infinix Hote 11 Come With 6.7 Inch FHD Screen and It maybe Come Under 10K
  • Apple Work on fast Charging, and it will be 35W
  • SAMSUNG UI 5 Come with Andriod 13
  • Oneplus Foldable Phone Coming Soon
  • Now You Can Know the How Many times Need to Send a File  on WhatsApp


  • IQOO Z6 Pro Come Soon To India, Also It Have another 4G Variant
  • OPPO reno 8 Series Come Soon To India
  • Realme GT 2 Pro Come to India 5th May
  • Redmi Note 12 Pro Come With Dimensity 1300
  • OnepLus Ace Series Come Soon And Specs are As Same as Realme Gt Neo 3


  • MOTO G22 Come under 11K, Also it have 20 Watt Charger and Chipset is Helio G37
  • ViVO X 80 Series Lunch in China on 25 April
  • ViVo X Fold Come With Dual Finger Print Technology
  • POCO C4 Coming Soon
  • OnePlus NORD 2T Come With 80 W Fast Charger, 50 MP Triple Rear Camera, 32 MP Selfie, 4500Mah and Meditek  1300 Chipset
  • GT Neo 3 Coming Soon
  • IQOO May Come Under 25K


  • Realme GT 2 Pro Base Variant Start From 50K 
  • Realme 9 4G Come With 108 Chipset and Under Display Finger Print
  • Maybe Realme GT 2 Come Soon
  • Rainbow Six Seige Also Coming Soon on Mobile
  • MOTO Edge 30 Lite, Maybe a Budget Phone
  • SAMSUNG S23 and S22 Fan Edition Maybe Come With Mediatek Chipset
  • XIaomi 12 Ultra Come With SP 8Gen 1 and Maybe it come on July
  • OPPO k10 Come With SnapDragon 888 and It Will Be Good Phone


  • May be Twitter Get Edit Button
  • Zomato and Swiggy  in trouble Because They Pressurize the Restaurants to Change the Price  
  • Maybe Techno Lunch a Foldable Phone Coming  Soon
  • Maybe BGMI Ban Again 


  • MOTO G22 Coming Soon and it Maybe a Budget Phone
  • 5G Lunch on End of this Year BY India GOVT
  • Realme Pad MINI 4G Lunch in Philippines
  • Oneplus Nord CE 2 Lite May be Come Under 20K 


  • Andriod 13 Come With Many Features, With 13 You Can Control Your Battery Uses and E sim And Many others Interesting Features
  • Realme 9 4G Come With Realme GT2 Pro, Also it have Higher refresh rate and 108 MP Camera
  • Realme GT Neo 3 Maybe Lunch on April, and it Start from 8 GB Ram
  • SAMSUNG M53 5G Coming soon, maybe April 7


  • Facebook Get the Highest User in a Year 290 Corer
  • SAMSUNG M33 5G Coming with TFT Display and it is not a Good Thing in This Price Range
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy A73 5G Come with Two Variant 6GB and 8 GB and It Come With 778 Chipset under 45K 
  • ViVo X1 Come With 8Gen 1 Customize or Boost Version 
  • Infinix Note 12 Pro 5G Come Soon and It Would Be Come Under Budget Price
  • Redmi Note 12 Series Maybe Come With Dimensity  8000 Chipset


  • MOTO G82 5G Coming Soon To India And It Will be a Budget Phone
  • OnePlus 10 Pro 5G Come on 67K 
  • Xiaomi 12 Coming on April 12 
  • Google Pixel 6 Coming Aon May
  • OPPO F21 4G Coming Soon 


  • Intel Lunch her New Processor Named ARC it is Integrated GPU 
  • MOTO Frontier With All Good Specs  and it Not have Any Bad Thing. Also it is a High end Phone
  • Realme GT 2 Maybe Come Under 45K
  • SASUNG Galaxy M33 5G Come on 2 April
  • IQOO NEO 6 Lunch 13 April on China And it may be Come to India With Another Name


  • iPhone 14 Series Pictures Leak But they are not much Different from13 Pro Max
  • Today SAMSUNG lunch her portable Projector and it will be Expand Upto 100Inch
  • ViVO X Fold Lunch today
  • realme Pad mini First lunch in Philippines and it come with HD+ Display and 6400Mah Battery and It Come With Very Slim Design
  • Xiaomi Also Throttle Many Apps and decrease her Performances
  • POCO X4 5G Coming Soon
  • POCO M4 Pro 5G Coming Soon And It may Be Come Under 12-13K 


  • NOW you can Share UPTO 2GB Data on WhatsApp
  • Now Elonmusk Lunch a Browser
  • OnePlus 10T and 10T Pro Coming soon
  • Oneplus Nord 2T Come With Dimnesity 1300 and Also it have 50 MP Camera and a Amoled Screen
  • ViVO Lunch Many Product Like Foldable {hones and Pads pm April 12
  • iphone 14 Series Come With A16 and 14 Pro and Pro MAX come With A16 Higher Variant


  • GOOGLE Now Work on her Health Topics in this Topi Smart Phone Can Hear your Heart Sound and Give you Information About Your Heart, Also With the Selfie Camera They Can Read Your Eye and Saya About Your Health, Theses Features are Coming on Near Feature
  • Now Lamborghini Come On BGMI
  • Realme 9 Come With 108 MP Camera
  • ONEPLUS 10 R Lunch Soon and It Will Be Very Interesting Phone and It Come With Dimensity 8100
  • SAMSUNG M33 5G Lunch on 2 APRIL 
  • M33 5G Lite Would Be Come Soon


  • India gain her Rank on export 
  • iTEl a Keypad Phone Company, It is a Indian Company, They Lunch Soon Her New Budget Smart Phone Under 8000 and it Will Be Come With 6 GB RAM Variant
  • Qualcome Lunch her New Processor Snapdragon Gen 1+ and it Come With the More Clock Speed, Also Many Budget Chipset
  • This Year MOTOROLA Can lunch Highest MP Camera (194MP) and Also It Come With 125 Fast Charger


  • YOUTUBE Now Add a Teg on Health Videos, Now you Can see the Tag on a Health Video This Video Is True or Not
  • Nothing Phone 1 Maybe Come Soon , and it Will be Come With Nothing OS and 40% Less Third Party Apps
  • 6G Give a Boost To Metaverse , 6G come on 2030
  • Xiaomi Windows Tablet Maybe Lunch Soon


  • OPPO K10 Come With 6GB and 8GB Variant and it have 5000mah Battery and Snapdragon 680 Chipset, Price Start From 14,990 and 16,990. Important Thing is it is 4G Phone
  • iPhone 15 Pro MAX Maybe come With Under Display Camera
  • iPhone SE 2022 Come With 2018Mah
  • WhatsApp  Lunch a New Features EMOJI Reaction, With this Features you Can Reaction a Massage With EMOJI on WhatsApp


  • INFINIX HOT 11 2022 It maybe Come Under 10K . Also It Come With Boxy Design and Punch Hole Selfie Camera
  • From 2023 Smartphones are  Come With 100% 5G Support They Don’t Have Any Other Network Band
  • SAMSUNG M53 May be Come Under 25K and it Wil Be Come With 108 MP Camera and Good Thing is It have Dimensity  9000
  • POCO X4 Lunch on 28 March 2022
  • POCO F4 5G Specs As Same as Redmi K40 S
  • Zomato Now Start a Trail o Gurugram, They Try to Deliver Food on 10 Min
  • Realme GT Neo 3 Have 10 BIT Display, 16 MP Selfie Camera and Many Other Great Specs


  • HONOR May be Lunch her Magic Book Series Laptop on Amazon
  • Xiaomi 12 Series Coming soon and Maybe it Come With Three Variants
  • ONEPLUS Nord 3 Coming With LPDDR 5 and Amoled Screen With Higher Refresh rate
  • On Andriod 13 you Can Now the Which App Consume Much Battery on Your Phone You Get Notification After 24 Hours Everyday 
  • ViVO X Note Series Coming Soon With Very High Specs


  • UPI Lite Come To India,
  • iPhone Now Come With New Brown Color
  • Now You Can Read The Privacy Policy  of WhatsApp on Her App
  • Now Flipkart Add Chargers the Extra 50 Rupees For Packaging
  • Apex Legends Come to India, Pre- registrations
  • OPPO Reno 8 series Coming Soon
  • OPPO K10 Series Coming Soon  and it may be come with 4G Chipset


  • MOTO Edge 30 Coming Soon to India And it Will be Liter Version of MOTO Edge 30 Pro Also it have SP 778G
  • GOOGLE IO 2022 a Event by the Google Start From  11-12 And it Will be Live on Online
  • Redmi K50 Lunch on China At 30K
  • POCO F4 Lite Also Coming At 25K or 20K
  • Realme GT3 Coming Soon Also Realme G1 Coming Soon


  • APPLE Get 37% Market Share on 5G Phone
  • INDIAN OS Lunch Soon
  • ONEplus Nord CE 2 Lite May be Come With 64MP Camera and Snapdragon 695 5G Chipset
  • Redmi 10 Come Soon and It Will be a Budget Phone


  • Xiaomi 12 Series Lunch Globally With 3 Variants,  12X Come on 50K Price and 12 Start on 57K and 12 Pro Start From 75K
  • GTA 6 Come On 2024
  • Exynos 1280 A New 5G Chipset Come With Much Good Antutu Score
  • Oneplus NORD 3 come With Great Specs and It May be Powerful Then Other NORD Phones
  • IQOO 6 Price Start From 13,999K and it Have Three Variants


  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Pro Come on 17 March 
  • MOTO G52 Come Soon to India and It will be Successor of MOTO G51
  • POCO X4 Pro 5G Coming to India, May be On April Between 15K-20K
  • OPPO K10 Coming soon


  • SAMSUNG  A series Phone Lunch On 17 March
  • On Feature  SAMSUNG  May Be Work on Design Phones
  • YOUTUBE Vanced Banned by Google
  • iPHONE 14 Series Come With A16 Bionic Chip Come on only Higher Variant
  • Realme 10 Pro Coming Soon an Pro Version Amy be Similar to Realme GT Neo 3


  • DIZO R Smart Watch Now on Sell, This  Will  be one of the Best Smart Watch on in 2000 Price Range
  • iKOO a New Brand Name Patent File 
  • Realme GT Neo 3 Come With Dimensity 8000 it Will Confirmed 
  • Now Microsoft Open the Her Large Data Center on Hyderabad
  • Redmi 11S 5G Coming Soon and It may Be Rebrand of POCO M4 Pro 
  • Oxygen OS 13 Coming Soon, and They Fix the All Error 
  • OnePlus 10 May Lunch on May


  • Realme GT Neo 3 Lunch on March End in China and It May be Come to India In April
  • Oneplus Nord 3 Coming Soon
  • Oneplus Nord 2T Come with New Design Also It have amoled Display
  • POCO F4 and F4 Pro Lunch on China Soon May It Have SnapDragon 870 


  • SAMSUNG Galaxy M53 5G Come with 6 GB RAM and MediAtek Dimensity 900
  • Redmi K50 Series May be Lunch In April In India
  • Nothing Organize a Event Globally and in India on 23 April
  • Redmi Note 12 Come Soon
  • Redmi 10 2022 Come Soon With Water Drop Notch Camera and It Will Be Budget Smart Phone
  • OnePlus 10 Pro Lunch in 22 or 24 On This Month and Nothing Also Lunch Her New Smart Phone On 23
  • POCO X 4 Pro 5G Lunch on 22 March


  • Apple 13 Now Have a Green Color
  • Realme 9 5G Come Under 20K 
  • Now You Can Transfer Money Through UPI on Features Phones 
  • Xiaomi 12 Ultra Come With Circle Type Camera 
  • SAMSUNG Lunch Her new Laptop wit S Pen Support


  • JIO Tag Coming It May Be As Same As Apple Tag
  • ViVo T1 Saleing Is Good And Her Successor Come Soon ViVo T1 Pro
  • Realme New Budget 5G Phone Coming Soon


  • Now WhatsApp Create a Poll Option 
  • SAMSUNG F23  is a First Budget Phone with No Inbox Charger
  • SAMSUNG Accept her Wrong Behaviors Because they Throttle the 10 Lakh Apps And Decrease  Performance in Korea
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy A53 Come With Exynos  1280  Chipset and 64 MP Rear Camera With 120 W Fast Charger
  • iphone SE 3 Come Soon


  • MI Band 7 Come With Bigger Screen From Before 
  • ViVo Lunch her New Foldable Phone Named ViVO X, May Be it Will Be Costly
  • Realme Now Give  Alert Button on Her New Phone
  • Redmi Note  11 Pro Series Come Under 20,000
  • SAMSUNG may be Lunch ger New Budget Smart Phone With TFT Display and It Not Come With Charger
  • Redmi 12 Series Phone Coming Soon


  • Nothing Phone Lunch On  April
  • SAMSUNG F23 Come With SnapDragon 750G Come on 8 March
  • HTC New Phone Come Soon
  • Filmora 11 Lunch With Very Needed Features and it Will be Easy for Beginners


  • Mediatek Dimensity 8000 , 8100 and 1300 Come Soon
  • SAMSUNG F23 Come With Snapdragon 750 G Chipset
  • Apple Big Event on 8th March
  • Qualcome new Chipset Come Soon It Support Wi-Fi 7 and Bluetooth 3 And It Come From This Year on Smart Phones
  • Realme 9 5G Lunch Soon in India And It Have 144Hz Refresh Rate Under 20K
  • Realme  10+ 5G Come Soon Under 25K


  • VIVO May Be Lunch Her new Phone X80 Series With Dimensity 9000
  • OnePlus Nord  3 Come With 150 W Fats Charger
  • ASUS Lunch Her New Oled Display on 3rd March
  • Nothing Brand May be Lunch hew New Smart on March
  • SAMSUNG  May Be Lunch Her F23 5G Soon
  • Oneplus 10 Lunch in April
  • Redmi 11 E a new Series Phone Come


  • WhatsApp Work on her New Features Named Of This Option Is Call Link, With this Features Now You Share The Link of your Voice or Video Call Link to Join
  • OnePlus Conformed He Don’t Work on New UI and Lunch Her New Smartphone  With Vooc Charger
  • POCO F4 Come With Snapdragon 870 Chipset May Be It Come Under 25,000
  • May be Realme Lunch Her New 5G Smart Phone Under 15K
  • OPPO Lunch her 240W Super VOOC Charger it It Take Only 9 Min To Full Charger Your Smart Phone
  • Apple Now Work on Her New Foldable Laptop


  • GOOGLE May Be Lunch her Pixel 7 Series Smart Phone In India, and 7 Series Come With 3 Variants
  • Relme Lunch Her New Smart Phone in China, Name Of the Phone Is V 25 
  • Realme Gt Neo 3 Come With Full HD Oled Display Dimensity 8000 And Also It Have 150W Fast Charger
  • Apple May be Lunch her New Key Board Named Magic Key Board, All Processor Battery and all Parts Of CPU Add in This Keyboard Just Add a Display And Your PC is Ready
  • Now Mediatek Is Rank 1 In Chipset Selling


  • Vivo Lunch Her New  Smart Note Series Phone With  Flagship Specifications and It Will Come With the Smart Pen Support 
  • Redmi May be Lunch her New 150W Fast Charger
  • iPhone SE 2022  Come Under 22K-23K
  • JIO And Amazon Now in Another Battel
  • Mediaek  Lunch Her Dimenstiy 8000 Successor 8100 and it Will BE Compete With Snapdragon 888


  • Microsoft  Office Also Have a Malware if You Have Microsoft Office Then You Stay Ware, Malware Attack the Photos, Videos and Others Important Document
  • OPPO Find X5 Series Lunch
  • ASUS 8Z Lunch on 28 February
  • META Run in Loss 
  • REDMI 11 Pro Series Lunch on 9 March With 120 hz Refresh Rate and 108 MO Camera
  • Oneplus Nord CE 2 Lite Maybe Come Soon


  • Google Pixel 7 Coming With Exciting Features 
  • Intel Announced Her 12 Gen CPU for Slim and Detachable Laptop With Two Variants Named P Series and U Series
  • Redmi 11 Series Phone Coming Soon And Maybe Come With Another Explorer Edition 
  • SAMSUNG A53 Coming Soon With Good Look and Exynos New Processor
  • POCO F4 GT 120 Hz Refresh Rate, 64 MP Camera With Sony Sensor
  • Andriod 12  Update Come on Infinix Zero 5G in August


  • OPPO Rollable Smart Phone Comes To India in Next Year
  • Realme GT Neo 2 Coming on 23,000 With Offer On Flipkart
  • Realme Gt Neo 3 Also Coming Soon To India Soon With Dimensity 8000 New Chipset, 50 MP Rear Camera,120HZ Refresh Rate 5000MAh Battery and Big Screen
  • Now You Can Give 4G Hotspot on Your Jio Phone
  • Oneplus Maybe Lunch a New Phone And Her Code Name is OSCAR
  • After Some Days Because of Chip Shortages New Smart Phone Became More Costly 
  • Redmi 12 Come With MUUI Come With 13


  • Realme New Products Lunch Soon in Spain 
  • WHO CEO  Say Another Pandemic Come to Earth Again and It Will Be Different From COVID-19

Mainly Your Personal Information Leaked by Bank and Telecom Company According to a Survey


  • Snapdragon GEN 2 Coming Soon With Hardware Support 
  • BSNL Now Give 4G Connectivity Commerciale 
  •  Maybe iPhone 14 Coming With Under Display Camera
  • Redmi 12 Series Coming Soon With Snapdrgaon Gen 1+


  • WhatsApp Lunch Her New Options, With this Option Now You Can Preview the PDF and Others Documents, Then Can Download if you Want 
  • Maybe ViVO  X80 Pro, Pro+, OPPO Find X and FindX Pro Come With the Dimensity 9000 Chipset


  • ViVO Give Job to 1.5 Lakhs Indians
  • COD Season 2 Update Coming Soon
  • Color OS Have 500Milion Active Users
  • iPhone 14 Series Come With the 8 Series RAM
  • POCO X4 Pro Come With 108 MP Camera and snapdragon Processor
  • SAMSUNG S22 Series Pre- booking start From 23 Feb – 10March


  • MediaTek Can Announce her new Processor  Dimensity 8100
  • MOTO G22 a New Budget Smart Phone Under 8000 rs.
  • One Plus Nord CE 2 Lunch In India With Two Variant 6 GB and 8 Gb Ram Variants
  • Tesla Phone Maybe Come at 1.50Lakh
  • Realme 50 Narzo Come Soon
  • OPPO Find X 5 Come on 24 February 
  • Redmi K50 Come With SnapDragon Gen 1Processor
  • POCO X4 Pro Come With Snapdragon 695 5G Chipset


  • 3D Maps Coming to India 
  • Oneplus 10 Pro Lunch on 10 March , it is Leak 
  • SAMSUNG M33 Coming Under 20K
  • Nothing Company Maybe Lunch A New Smart Phone With SnapDragon Chipset
  • Micromax Phone Come With Unisoc Chipset


  • Oneplus Nord 2 CE 5G Coming on 23,999 and stop on 25,999
  • BGMI Company Give Leak of he can Lunch a New AI Games With Much High Animations
  • POCO M4 Pro 5G Lunch Today and Starting Price is 14,999
  • POCO F4 Coming Soon With Snapdargon 695 Chipset


  • Intel Lunch a New Processor for Mining
  • WhatsApp Community Features Coming Soon
  • Oxygen OS 13 Coming soon
  •  JIO Satellite Coming Soon For Broadband Service
  • Moto Edge 30 pro 5G Coming Soon
  • Free Fire Ban in India With 53 Another Apps
  •   Realme New Phone Coming With Dimensity 8000 and 150 W Fast Charger


  • Now Stock Android Run in All Smartphone from 14 March 
  • Motorola Frontier a New Smart Phone Come With 200 MP Camera
  • One Plus Nord CE 2 Come with Dimensity 900


  • MacDonald’s Also Enter into Metaverse, they say Now Customer Can Order Burger Very Easily. First Start on America
  • Android 13 Come on After July
  • Smart Watch Increase to 12 Million and Increase Value is 7 Million 
  • Micromax In 2 Come Soon With Helio 88 Chipset and 90Hz IPS Display
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Z4 Come With Next Level Features
  • SHAKTI MAN New Film Come Soon
  • Iqoo 9 Series Lunch in India on 23 February


  • Yesterday SAMSUNG Tab S8 Lunch Globally
  • SAMSUNG M23 5G Coming Soon Under 15K
  • Realme NEO 3 Coming Soon
  • BGMI New Character Coming Soon
  • One Plus nord CE 2 Lunch on 17 February
  • on Next Three Month Again Airtel Can Increase Prices of Her Recharge Plan
  • POCO F4 GT Coming Soon to India


  • Redmi 11 Series , Smart Band Pro and Smart TV Lunch in India
  • ViVO T1 5G Lunch in India
  • One Plus Now Move to Unified OS
  • Now SAMSUNG Announce The Give For 5 Year Security Update and OS Update for 4 Year
  • Redmi K50 Lunch in 16 Feb in India


  • MOTOROLA Lunch her new phone MOTO edge X30 on 24 FEB
  • TECHNO Pova Lunch Her New 5G Phone with 6.1 Inch Full HD IPS Display, 6000Mah Battery with 18W Charger
  • Realme 9 5G Come With 16 MP Selfie Camera
  • Realme Book Prime Coming Soon to India
  • SAMUSNG S22 Series Come With SnapDragon 8Gen 1 Chipset
  • Affordable Mcbook Coming Soon
  • POCO M4 Coming Soon


  • TECHNO POVA 5G coming Soon With Decent Specification
  • SAMSUNG Now Use the West of Fishing Net in Her Phone Designs
  • Tesla Now in Trouble, Because Indian Govt, Not Decrease the Import Duty. Indian Govt, Say First Established the Plant Now
  • JIO now Invest the 2 Million Dollar in a Startup Company 2, It Basically a AI Developer Company
  • Realme C35 Come With Full HD+ Screen, and 5000Mah Battery, 18W Fast Charger and Many More
  • POCO F4 GT Coming Soon


  • iQOO 9 Series Come Soon on Amazon, it Have Three Variants iQOO 9 SE, IQOO 9 and iQOO 9 Pro
  • SAMSUNG S22 Come With 1 TB Storage and 18 GB RAM
  • Infinix ZERO 5G Lunch on 14 FEB 


  • Now Twitter Give the new Section for Article, Now User Write Many Thing on Her Article
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy A53 Coming Soon to India
  • iqoo 9 SE Lunch Soon in India


  • INDUS a New Indian Game Lunch. It will be a Battel Royal Game.
  • Brazilian Malware are Running in Market, it is a Bad News for Andriod User Because it Mostly Attack on Andriod Smart Phones. This Malware Hack your Banking information and it Can Remotely format your Phone
  • Andriod 13 Come With Faster Game Response
  • Now You Can Delete Massage After 2 Days on WhatsApp
  • MIUI 13 Come on March
  • Xiaomi 12 MINI Maybe Come Soon


  • YouTube Give the More Options to Who Love to Watch the Video on Landscape Mode, Now They Can Like and Dislike the Video also Get The More Video options on Landscape Mode
  • iPhone SE3 Coming Soon
  • WhatsApp Ban 2M account in India, And Majority of Peoples Accounts Ban For Froward Bulk Massage
  • One plus Can Lunch Her New Phone Name:- Nord 2 CE Lite. It Come With Snapdragon 695 Chipset, Amoled Screen And it Maybe Come With 20K
  • Vivo T1 5G Also Come With Under 20K


  • According to Union Budget 2022 5G Completely Start From 2023
  • OPPO Can Lunch Successor of OPPO Find N 
  • One Plus File a Trademark and Name of this Trademark is Bacardi
  • MIUI 13 Can be Come Soon


  • ViVo Can Lunch a New Series Phone Named T1 5G
  • In Speed of Mobile Internet Speed India Position is 156 and Dubai on 1st Position, and With Broadband India at 69 Ranked and Singapore in 1st Position
  • One Plus Register new Bench Mark, Two Plus, Six Plus, Eight Plus
  • 27 Million mah Big Power Bank Made by Chines Guy


  • Now all Telecom Companies Like Jio, Airtel And Vi etc. Give Full 20 Days Validity oof One Month Recharge Against 28 Days 
  • Xiaomi Service+ Lunch, it Basically a s Same as Service Center
  • OPPO Reno 7 Series Ma be Come Under 30k and Pro Come Under 40K
  • SAMSUNG Lead on Global Smartphone Shipment


  • Google Invest in Airtel for Feature Digitalization and 5G 
  • Apple Gaming Console Coming Soon
  • Maybe Oneplus Tried a New OS Named H2OOS
  • POCO F4 GT Coming SOON
  • Now YouTube Enter on NFT


  • INDUS Battel Grounds Coming Soon, also It is Indian Company
  • Smart Phone Price Maybe Decrease, Because  ICEA Apply for Reduce GST Percentage
  • Oneplus Nord 2T Maybe Coming Soon and They Say It Come With the MediaTek Dimensity 1300
  • Realme 9 and 9 Pro+ Lunch on 15 Feb at Europe


  • OPPO Can Be Lunched her 160W Fast Charger Phone
  • Nord C2 5G Maybe Coming on Feb
  • After Testing JIO gate 5G Will be 8X faster Than 4G
  • One Plus 10 Pro Maybe Coming on Month of March
  • POCO X4 5G Maybe Come Fast than F4 


  • Micromax In 2 on 12, 490 Indian Rupees
  • LENOVO Legion Lunch a Phone With 22 RAM
  • Meta Create a Powerful Ai Computer, it made for detect and Delete the Harmful Content on her all Social Media Apps
  • InfiniX 5G Phone Lunch With Awesome Specs
  • WhatsApp Community Another Option Coming 
  • POCO Say They Can be Lunch Many Smart Phone Compare to 2021


  • Till Today Spider man Series New Movie of Marvel Earn 12k Corer 
  • Now Two Step Verification Come to WhatsApp
  • Pixel 6A Coming on May, Announced By Google
  • Pre Booked of Start of New SAMSUNG  galaxy S22 at US
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy F23 5G Coming Soon With Snapdragon Chipset


  • OPPO Reno 7 Series Come With High quality Camera Specs and Quality
  • 11% is Increase on Smart Phone Shipment compare to Previous Year
  • Micromax in Note 2 Come With Amoled Display and MediaTek Helio G95 Series Phone
  • Oneplus 10R Come With MediaTek Dimensity 9000


  • Now we Use 5G Network With No Harmful Radiation, Because America Run Her  5G Services and they Don’t Produce Harmful Radiation. So, Asia Network association Decide They Also Use the Same Devices What America Use.
  •  SAMSUNG Tab S8 Ultra 5G Come With 15.6 inch Big Screen Also it have a Notch and May be it Come on February 
  • WWE 2k22 Now Come to Mobile
  • Realme 9 Pro+ Now Come With MediaTek 920 chipset, 6500Mah Battery, 90 Hz refresh Rate, 50 MP Camera and 120W Fast Charging
  • JIO Now R&D  over 6G, and it Will be Come at Same Time As Compare to Global
  • Now on Korea PUBG New State Tournament Will Be Start


  • May be Laptops and PC Price will be Increase for Chip shortage reason
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy M33 5G Coming on March with Exynos 1200 chipset
  • Xiaomi Can be Lunch her New Series Phone Name L19 With some Good feature With Excting Price


  • OPPO and Vivo Lunch her new Specs, and it Compete with SAMSUNG pad
  • Realme 9 pro and 9 Pro+ 5G Come Under 15k
  • POCO X4 Pro Come With 870 Chipset and Under 20K


  • Realme 9i With 4G chipset
  • SAMSUNG Lunch Exynos 2200 Chipset With Much Power From Previous Chipset Model
  • Pixel Not Pad May be Coming Soon
  • Redmi Note 11s Come With Amoled Screen


  • SAMSUNG Lunch her New Tab S8 With 15 Inch Big Screen, Also it have Punch hole
  • OPPO Find X Coming to India With No New Specs
  • Realme 9 And 9 Pro may be Come on February 
  • WhatsApp Lunch new Features, Now you can Blur the Unwanted Photo or objects and Draw on Video Also


  • Apple Can be Skip the iPhone 15 MINI
  • Redmi Note 11 Under 20K
  • POCO F4 GT Come to India Soon, With MediaTek 9000 Chipset
  • May be Realme 9 Not Come Soon To India


  • iPhone SE May be Lunch on March
  • Meta Lunch her New Smart Watch with Three Camera Setup
  • Tesla Take More Time to Start Business in India
  • BGMI VS Free Fire War May be Begins Because, BGMI Say Free fire is Totally Copy of BGMI And Many Other Thing



  • Redmi Note 11S Coming Soon To India
  • Xiaomi 12 Lite Lunch Soon India, May be on March
  • Realme 9 Pro Come With Amoled Display and Sony Camera Sensor
  • Oneplus 10 Pro 5G Coming on Feb


  • MOTO G70 Is Lunch
  • Now you Can Listen the WhatsApp Voice Massage Even you in a Another Tab or Another Friend Chat In WhatsApp
  • SAMSUNG M33 5G Coming Soon With Exynos Chipset and 6000Mah Battery Under 20K
  • After VIVO TATA Sponsor the IPL for This Year


  • POCO X4 with 5G Chipset
  • Realme 9i Coming Soon to India Soon 
  • MOTO Razer 3 Coming Soon to India
  • Techno an India Smart Phone Company Invent the Retractable Camera, With this Feature You can Take Awesome Macro Photo Just Zoom on Camera


  • Realme 9 Series coming Soon to India
  • Xiaomi 11T Pro Coming on 19 January
  • POCO F4 Come With three Different chipset, Dimensity 9000, Snapdragon Gen 1 and Last Will be Snapdragon 870
  • May be iphone Can Lunch her New Floodable Phone


  • IQOO 9 Series Coming Soon
  • OMINIVISION  Can Lunch her 200 MP Camera With Small Size
  • Realme UI 3 Coming Soon


  • Need For Speed Gaming Company Partner Ship With Tencent 
  • MOTO G71 Come under 18,999


  • SAMSUNG Lunch many New Designs of Phones
  • iqoo 9 Series and iqoo 9 Pro come With 8 Gen 1 Chipset
  • Xiaomi Tease New Phone With Name of  Hyper phone
  • I think POCO New Phone Come With Two Different Types of Chipset Variant one Will be Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 and Another Will be Mediatek Dimensity 9000


  • SAMSOUNG S21 Series Come With Exynos Chipset
  • In This Year The Percentages Will Be Increase of Amolade Display in Phone 
  • Realme GT Come With 888 Chipset and GT2 Pro Come With Snapdragon 8Gen 1 Processor
  • The Elonmusk Network Company Starlink  Not Come to India Soon, Because of Licenses Issue in India


  • MOTO G71 Lunch On 10 January
  • MOTO Tab g10 is Coming Soon
  • Oneplus 9RT Coming on 14 January
  • Redmi K50 Lunch in China on February


  • Xiaomi 12X Coming To India on Feb
  • India Govt Say Bitcoin Don’t Pay Her GST
  • Realme 9 Pro And Realme 9 Lunch Soon


  • MOTO G71 Is Coming To India on Jan 10
  • May Be ROG 6 Series Is Coming Soon
  • POCO F4 GT Come On Before March


  • Zomato and Other Food Delivery Companies Increase her Price, Because of they Pad GST to Resturants
  • Pixel 6A  May be it Come on 2022 


  • May be OnePlus 10 Lunch on Jan 2022
  • Bjaj Chetak Ev is Coming Soon to India
  • OPPO Find 5X Come With 9000 Chipset
  • If you Want 5G Phone With Under 20000 Then wait for Jan 2022


  • Xiaomi 12 Series Lunched and Starting Prize is 37,000
  • Now Also Xiaomi Lunch Her Flip Phone 
  • May Be Intel Manufacture Her Chip in India


  • Department of tale communication Conform the  Finally 5G Lunch In India From 2022, Gurugram, Pune Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, Calcutta, Delhi, Jamnagar, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad and Gandhi Nagar Will be a First City’s of 5G Network
  • Now LG Lunch A New Patent Laptop With Three Different Display
  • Exynos 2200 Not Have Great Specs
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy M33 5G Is Coming With Exynos 1200


  • OPPO Enco M32 Wireless Neckband is Coming Soon With Affordable Price
  • MIUI 13 is Coming with Xiaomi 12X
  • SAMSUNG S22 Ultra Coming Soon
  • A New Update Coming Soon on WhatsApp After this Update you Can Search Grocery Stores and Other Shops Nearby You
  • i Phone Say on Upcoming iPhone 15 Series They Don’t Gave Sim Card Slot


  • Now Telecom companies are Store Your Call History Data and Your Internet using Data Up-to 2 Years
  • Infinix Zero a new Phone Lunch with great Specs And I Think It come Under 15000, May be It Become a Value for Money Phone when it lunch
  • A new Processor Brand Lunch her New Chip Name Unisoc  T770 6MM and it Will be a 5G Chipset
  • MOTO Razer 2022 Will Come Soon to India and it is Flip Phone
  • One plus nord 2 CE will be coming Soon With Exciting Price
  • Another Interesting News is Xiaomi Lunch Her 12X Phone With SURGE P1 Chipset. I Think it Use for the Dual Fast Charger Support Feature
  • iqoo Lunch on 5 January


  • Vivo V23 5G is Coming on 5th January and Pro Version Also Lunch in India on This Date. Good Thing is It Have Mattel Frame With 1200 Dimensity Chipset
  • Now India Start The Semiconductor Manufacture Line  
  • Xaiomi Lunch new Phone 12X at China on December


  • SAMSUNG Make Her Exynos Processor With High Capacity And Direct Compete with Snapdragon and MediaTek
  • SAMSUNG Might Leave  Android and Adopt the Google New OS
  • Moto Andriod 12  Update Coming Soon
  • Realme GT2 Pro is Coming With Q Hd+ Display and 30MP Selfie Camera and 50+50 Rear Camera Also it Have the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Chipset
  • SAMSUNG S22 ULTRA is Coming Soon
  • SAMSUNG GALAXY A53 Come With To Different Chipsets


  • May be INFINX 5G Phone Coming Soon
  • on January 2022 IQOO 9 Series coming Soon
  • POCO M4 Coming With 4G 
  • Tik Tok Cross the Traffic Volume of the Google
  • 4January 2022 Realme GT2 Lunch


  • New iPhone SE Lunch on March 2022
  • OPPO Book Coming Soon
  • IQOO New Phone Coming Soon With 860 SP Chipset
  • Good News is Xaiomi 12X is Coming on 2021
  • One Plus 10 Coming Soon
  • Xaiomi 11i Is Coming With 120W Charger


  • India Partnership With Infosys And the Work Over the Digital Education like They Trained 20-21 Students in Digital  Knowledge, Also Good thing is They Are more Focused on Rural area Student
  • One Plus Nord 2 Lunch Soon In India and It have 5G connectivity
  • Realme 9 Pro and Pro+ Coming Soon
  • In Next Year you Can Get 150W Fast Charger 


  • NASA Create a Historical Moment He Make a Spacecraft Name:- the Parker Solar Probe  It go to Next Orbit of sun Till Now 
  • BGMI Collab With the Spiderman.
  • Xaiomi 12X Come with Curved Display and 8 GEN 1 Chipset and 65 W Fast Charger.
  • From Next Year Phone Coming With 80W fast Charger.


  • Mediatek Dimensity 9000 Come with Much High Untutu Score Then Other in Her Budget sagment.
  • Redmi K50 Coming With Dimensity 9000.
  • Also Mediatek Dimensity  8000 Come soon.
  • May be OPPO Find N Not Coming To India.


  • In WhatsApp You get New Update, Now you Can Hear The Recoded Sound Then you Want to Send Then You can Send Easily.
  • Jio Lunch New Affordable Recharge Plan and Price is only 1 Rupee.


  • New iPhone SE Comes With 5G Chipset.
  • Realme 9i Now Lunch Coming Soon.
  • oneplus Nord 2 CE Come With 6.64 Amoled Display and Dimensity 900 Chipset.
  • COD Season 11 Come on 17 Dec 2021.


  • IQOO 9 Coming soon With 8 Gen 1 Chipset.
  • For Another Time SnapDragon 8 GEN 1 Series chipset Produce High Hight.
  • Realme GT 2 Pro IS Coming on 20 Dec 2021.
  • Indian prime Minister Narendra Modi Twitter Account Will Be Hacked.


  • OPPO Find N is Near to 1.5 Lakhs on Indian Rupees.
  • Xaiomi Invent the the Silicon Lithium Battery And the same size you Can get Much power.


  • ONEPLUS  Pad is Coming Soon.
  • In 2021 Searches of Covid-19 Will be High on Google.
  • 5G Network Test Start on 2022.
  • Now You get the Shorts Videos on Twitter.
  • Moto Edge S30 Is Coming  With High end Features.
  • Between Jan to March POCO X4 is Coming With 5G.


  • infinix Note 11 and Note 11X is Lunch Soon and They Say Those are come with Good Performance.
  • OPPO Find N is Coming on 15 Dec 2021.
  • WhatsApp Give a Update on Linked device.
  • Realme Gt 2 Come With Under Display Camera
  • Call of Duty Warzone Mobile Update Coming Soon. 


  • i Phone 14 Max Coming Soon.
  • Samsung Lunch a New Camera Sensor for Budget Phone a They Say it Batter Than Human Eye. i Don’t Know How it Possible.
  • Oxygen 12  Update is Start Now.
  • May be POCO New Phones Coming Soon.
  • Infinix Laptop Coming With Great Features.
  • NASA Declare on Next 10 Year Electricity Produce in MOON.
  • OPPO Self Develop Chip and Retractable Camera .


  • SAMSUNG GALAXY S22 SERIES coming on Feb 2022. With SnapDragon 8 GEN 1
  • Infinx Hote 12 and Note 11 Series Coming on March 2022.
  • Moto G51 Lunch on 10 Dec.
  • WhatsApp Give Update on Disappear Chat Features.
  • May be Realme GT Series Phones Coming on Next Year.


  • Now Scientists Say Human DNA use For Data Storage and They say a Single Cell of Human Body  Can Store Much Amount of Data.
  •  OPPO Lunch New Technology Production 15 Dec.
  • MOTO Edge X30 With 65w Fast Charger and 60 MP Selfie Camera.


  •  Indian Prime Minister Say Now More People Near About 4 CRORER People use the Online Payment And they  Didn’t Go to Bank for the Transaction
  • OPPO Find X 5 Come on Between Jan to Feb 2022.


  • Infinix Note 11 Lunch Soon under 13000. Chipset is Meditek Helio G88 With 33W Fast Charger.
  • MOTO G51 Also Come with SP 480 Chipset and it Also a Budget Smart Phone.
  • XAIOMI 12X Series Coming Soon.


  • Snapdragon make A new For the 8cx Gen for more batter performance.
  • Nothing Earbuds now in Black edition and Price is 7000.
  • Facebook and Twitter Ban Many users Account. 
  • MOTOROLA Lunch her new Under Display  Camera Phone.
  • Realme 9i Coming soon.
  • IN INDIA V23 is Coming on Jan to Feb.


  • SnapDragon 8 Gen 1 Know Here, Also it have Much Power Then Pervious Chipset. Basically it Based on 4NM. 
  • SnapDragon Lunch a Hand Gaming Console.
  • Twitter Now More Focused on Security. The New CEO of Twitter Say Users Can’t Use the Unknown Person Image on her Account of DP But media Have Permission.
  • Singapore Scientist Make a Smart Bandage, It Will Help you To know About your Injury Before you Go to Hospital.  


  • Coll pad 20 Pro Lunch in China on 1 Dec. 
  • SAMSUNG S 22 Series coming Soon.
  • Twitter New CEO Parag Agrawal.
  • Realme 9 and 9 Max Coming Soon.


  • MediaTek Dimensity 9000 Lunch on 16 DEC.
  • Xiaomi Lunch Her new Electric Vehicle Lunch Soon.
  • Realme  9i is Coming Soon.


  • INFINIX Can Get her New 5G phone on Next Year. And Name of This Phone is Infinix Zero 5G.
  • OPPO Find N Coming Soon/ May be It will be a Foldable Phone.
  • ViVO Pad is Coming Soon With SP 890 Chipset.
  • Xiaomi 12 Series Come on Dec 12 2021. Good Thing is It have High End Features.


  • OPPO Reno 7 Lunch in China. Models are OPPO Reno 7 SE 5G Base Variant is under 25k, Reno 7 under 30k and OPPO reno 7 Pro  Comes On 40K. Specs is not New But it Decent.
  • SAMSUNG Take Down her Not Series Phone. All Things of Note Series are Now Come with Other Series Phones Include S pen.
  • Realme 9 Series 5G is Coming Soon.


  • MOTO G51 is a 5G Model It Is a  Budget Phone and It Will Be Coming Soon.
  • MOTOROLA Company At First he Lunch A phone With 200MP Camera and After That Xiaomi on the Line.
  • Snapdragon G1 Have 10Lakh Untutu Score.
  • Oneplus 9RT Lunch on Dec 16 2021.
  • Xiaomi Lunch 12X Soon.
  • POCO X4 is Coming Soon on Next Year.


  • MOTO G31 is Lunch on 29 Nov. Specs is Helio G85 Chipset and 50 MP Camera, Side Mountent Finger Print.
  • Online Market Brake the Selling Record of Offline Phone Selling Market.
  • Good News is on WhatsApp Now You Can Create Your Won Sticker And Send to your Known. 


  • After Airtel Now Vodafone Increase her Recharge Plan.
  • Techno Pova 5G is Coming Soon to India Under 20000. Specs is Dimensity 900 Chipset and IPS With 120Hz Refresh rate. Also it Have 6000 Mah Battery and 50 MP Camera.
  • I think in  Oneplus 10  Phone They Didn’t Give More Higher Regulation Camera.
  • Mediatek Dimensity 7000 Comes With New Upcoming Mid Range Phone Also It Support 75W Fast Charging.
  • From the Next Year i Phone Come With the Type C Charger.
  • Realme Mouse Is Coming Soon.


  • A strong Leaked For the iQOO 8 Series Not Coming to India.
  • Realme GT Foldable Phone is Coming Soon.
  • ViVO X8- Pro is Coming With LPDDR5X.
  • MIUI 13 is Coming on December.
  • Airtel Recharge Plan will be Increase From 26 NOV.
  • OPPO Reno 7 Is Coming Soon and You get a Notification Led Light on Back of the Mobile Over the Camera Bump. 


  • A Virus Name Joker Now Running on Online Market, Also You Have These Apps: – Now QR Code, Emoji one Board, Battery Charing animations Battery Wallpaper, Dazzling Key Board, Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer, Super Hero-Effect and Classic Emoji Keyboard.
  • I Think Oneplus 9RT Not Coming to India.
  • Flipkart Health Care System Coming Soon to India.
  • Wi-Fi 7 Is Coming Soon And It Work With 32Gbps Speed, And Almost All Thing Is Duable From Wi-Fi 6.
  • Oppo Reno 7 Is Coming Soon.
  • POCO X4 is Coming on December.


  • Samsung A73 Coming With 108 MP Camera.
  • Samsung Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4 Coming With Batter Camera on Next Year.
  • Redmi 11 Pro And Pro Max Come With 750G And Base Variant Come With 680 Chipset.
  • Xiaomi 12X Comng Soon on Decmber.
  • Mediatek Lunch Dimensity 9000With 4nm and LPDDR 4X.
  • Realme GT2 May be Come.


  • Google Invest 10 Million Dollar For Student.
  • One Plus 10 Series Is coming on Next Year.
  • Apple Lunch Self Service Program. It Mean If you Have i phone 12 or 13 Then you Easily Buy Her Parts From Apple Store and  Repair Your Phone. This Program First Start at America Then Slowly Slowly come to Other Global Market.


  • On feature Snapdragon Make her Dedicated Chipset for Laptop and PC.
  • Samsung give the Update on Software on Her Mobile Phone on 2022 may.
  • For New User now Instagram Made a Face detection Features of Login, on First Time.
  • Realme GT Fold 2 is Coming.
  • Realme GT 3 Also Coming on next or next year.
  • BGMI New Update on Nov  19


  • Now You Can Like on Instagram Story.
  • Vivo name Changed of iqoo and New Name is IXOO.
  • One Plus note 10 Coming on Jan 2022.


  • Snap Dragon Lunch Her New Product In a Event and Event is Start From 30 Nov to 2 DEC.
  • May be 5G is Not Coming Till 2022 Last.
  • OPPO Fold is Lunch In China And Leaked Spaces is 8.1 Inch 2K Display With 120HZ Refresh Rate and Chipset is SP 888. Also Camera are Good and Front Camera is 32MP Front and 50MP Rear. Also Battery is 4500MAh With 65W Fast Charger.
  • Xiaomi Register a New Trademark Name and That Name is Xiaomi Astronomers.
  • Redmi 11T 5G Lunch in India on 30 NOV.
  • Xiaomi Smart Band Pro and Redmi Watch 2 Lite is Coming on 30 NOV.


  • Samsung S22 May Effected By Chip shortage.
  • JIO and Mediatek  Organize a BGMI Tournament. You Can Book Now.
  •  Good News is On Meditek Dimensity 2000 Antutu Score is 1millinon (1002220).
  • Bad News is Till 2024 We are Can’t Play GTA5 on Android Mobile.


  • MediaTek Lunch her new 2000 Dimenstity Chipset and Also It based on 4NM. May be it coming After 30 NOV.
  • OPPO pad Lunch in China and Price is 23,000 in India Price.
  • Jio BOOK Also Coming soon with Entry Level Features.
  • Realme 9i also Coming with Realme 9 series
  • Realme G series and Realme Y Series Coming Soon.


  • YouTube Dislike Button is Available But Figure is Not Available.


  • POCO M4 Lunch in Europe It is as Same as Redmi Note 11.
  • Shopee.in Is Available in India, Mainly it is a Popular at Singapore.
  • Exynos 2200 Chipset Come on Nov 19.
  • OPPO Pad is Coming soon with 870 Snapdragon Chipset.   


  • LAVA new Phone AGNI is lunch in India Today. Display 6.78-inch,Processor MediaTek Dimensity 810, Front Camera 16MP, Rear Camera 64MP + 5MP + 2MP + 2MP, RAM 8GB, Storage 128GB, Battery Capacity 5000mAh, OS Android 11.
  • MOTO Edge X Specs is Leaked And they are 898 Snapdragon Chipset, 144hz Oled Display, 50MP+50MP+2MP Camera and Interesting Thing is Selfie Camera Come With 60MP.
  • OPPO Foldable Phone is Coming in this Month it is a Strong Leak.
  • LPDDR5X IS COMING and Speed is 8.5 Gbps


  • First Good News is in a Near Month You can Get the IQOO 8 and IQOO 9 with High end Specs.
  • MOTO Edge X Coming Soon With 898 Snap Dragon Chipset.
  • Snap Dragon Lunch her new Chipset Between NOV 30 – Dec – 2.
  • IN Feature OPPO and One Plus Features are Same in Flagship Phone.
  • AGNI A new Mobile Phone Model From LAVA Lunch on 9 Nov.


  • Stay Alert!!! Because Scammers Give the link on Google AdSense IF you see any Bitcoin or Other Crypto Currency Ads then Stay Alert and Please Check Well Before Click on That or You Lose your all Cryptocurrency Coin.
  • If you Buy a i Phone 13 Series Phone then You Can’t Fix her Display When it Broke. Only the Apple Care Can Fix it and It bit More Expensive then Other Flagship Phone in India. 
  • Motorola Lunch a New Phone with 898 SP Chipset and It is the First 898 SP Chipset Phone.
  • On 11 NOV You Can Play the PUBG new State.     


  • All Leading Chipset Maker Company Says that, Chipset Problem Will be Continue on Year of 2022.
  • Xiaomi Lunch new Cooling Technology Called – Loop Liquid Cool Technology.  
  • Xiaomi Lunch a Purple Rice Trademark.
  • Realme 10 Series Come with the 888SP Chipset under Budget After Realme 9.


  • JIO Phone Next Booking Start If You are Interest You Can Check On  JIO web site.
  • One Plus Lunch her New Phone With SP 778 5G.
  • SAMSUNG Lunch a New 5nm Chipset in Budget Price Range, On Next Month.
  • A New Company Nothing May Be lunch Her 5 New Product On India Market on Next Month.
  • MOTO G51 Lunch in China With 480 SP 5G Chipset and 10w Charging. Price is 17,500rs.
  • Redmi K50 Pro+ Is Coming Soon with High end Chipset.
  • BGMI New Rule, If you Not have Facebook Or didn’t Connect your BGMI Account to Facebook Account Then Tomorrow Will be Last Date. If you Don’t Connect You Can’t Login in Your BGMI Account. So Check the all Term and Condition on BGMI official Web Site.    


  • England Scientist Invent New Technology, They Called Pee Power Technology. Basically it Generate Electricity From Human Waste (Pee). Also you use this Electricity as Same as Regular Electricity.
  • WhatsApp Give an Update and Delete For Every one Features have No Time Limiter. When You Want You can Delete Your Unwanted Massage Any Time.
  • A Strong Leak is coming From Xiaomi, Mey be Xiaomi Lunch her Xiaomi 12T,  Xiaomi 11 Pro and 11pro+ in India on December.
  • Call of duty Lunch an Upgraded Version With More Features, More MAP, More High Level Graphic and Enhance the Graphic and Gaming Experiences.


  •  Asus Zenfone 8 Lunch on November 4 At Brazil.
  • WhatsApp Ban 2M Account last Month.
  • Also OPPO Work on EV (Electric Vehicles) like Car and Bike, Scooter.  


  1. NOKIA Lunch her T20 Affordable Tab with two different Variants. First one is 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM on 15,500 and Second one is 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM on 16,500.  Screen Size is 10.4 inch 2K Display and Unisoc T610 (12)nm  Chipset also it come with mali G52 GPU. Battery 8200 mah with 15w Charger.


  1. May be Infinix the new lovable Brand also Lunch her new INBOOK X1  Laptop and her infinix hote 11 series lunch on December.


  1. A new Update Come to WhatsApp and the all Facebook Brand Name Erase and Change into META.


  1. REDMI NOTE 11 PRO  Comes to India with name of Xaomi 11i and REDMI NOTE 11 PRO + COME WITH NAME OF Xaomi 11i Hayper   Charge. May it Lunch on near Christmas.


Today trending tech news

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