How to convert PDF to PPT for free on computer or phone

Here you get a simple and easy method of How to convert PDF to PPT for free on computer or phone ,  Also you get the step by step guide of how to convert PDF file to PPT file. Now This i  avery important thing in your daily life so lets start,

PDF to PPT converters are easily available. PPT is that the format for presentations that was popularised by Microsoft Powerpoint. just in case you would like to convert your PDF files to PPT, there are several ways to try to to so via online and offline methods.

during a PPT document, you’ll add animated texts, transition effects to slides, audio or maybe a video, all of which isn’t possible to try to to on a PDF file. during this guide, we tell you a few of methods that permit you change PDF to PPT.

Convert PDF to PPT online

There are many third-party websites that allow you to convert PDF to PPT, and therefore the one that we might recommend is ILovePDF. you’ll visit this website on your computer or phone and convert a PDF file into a PPT document for free of charge . Follow these steps.

  1. Visit and choose PDF to Powerpoint.
  2. On subsequent page, hit Select PDF file to settle on the PDF file you would like to convert. After making the choice , hit Open.
  3. Once the file is loaded, hit Convert to PPTX.
  4. After the conversion is finished, hit Download POWERPOINT to save lots of the PPT on your device.
  5. This method is totally free and also works on whole major operating systems like Windows 10, macOS, Android and iOS.
  6. Alternatively, you’ll also try other third-party online websites that permit you change PDF to PPT. a number of the simplest ones are —, and

PDF to PPT converter with OCR

If you do not mind paying to convert PDFs to PPTs, then Adobe Acrobat DC may be a excellent option. It also allows you to convert PDF to PPT offline. If your PDF may be a scanned document, Adobe Acrobat DC will automatically run OCR thereon . to urge started, follow these steps.

  1. On your computer system, just open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat DC.
  2. Once the file is loaded, click on Tools within the top pane > click Export PDF.
  3. Click on Convert to and choose Microsoft Powerpoint.
  4. Finally, click Export to Powerpoint to save lots of your new PPT file locally on your computer.

As we mentioned above, Adobe Acrobat DC offers a paid subscription, however, you are doing get the primary seven days as a free trial. therein time, you’ll use all the Adobe services, and once you’re satisfied with them, you’ll either prefer to continue or cancel your subscription before subsequent billing cycle. Click here to see the plans and pricing.

Besides these two methods, you’ll also use Microsoft PowerPoint for this process. However, for that you’re going to got to first convert the PDF file into a Word document then only you will be ready to convert the Word file into a PPT.

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