How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Telegram

First thing if you want to transfer WhatsApp Messages to Telegram you must have telegram in your phone as same with your WhatsApp app. Here you get the full detail information about the How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Telegram.

Moving from one instant messenger to a different is like shifting houses. it is a total pain, tons of times you lose things and you furthermore may need to start afresh. If you are feeling an equivalent way, Telegram features a new feature — the power to import chats from WhatsApp. The steps are very simple and here’s how you’ll roll in the hay. 

We have also cover a tips and tricks option on some cool features of Telegram, just in case you’re shifting from WhatsApp. you’ll check this topic below.




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Before you are trying out this feature, confirm you’ve got Telegram 7.4 Update because that is the version that brings the migration feature.

Transfer WhatsApp messages to Telegram on Android

  1. Open a talk in WhatsApp then tap the three vertical dots on the highest right corner.
  2. After that you see the more option there just click on that
  3. You’ll be asked to revive with or without media. Select the choice as per your preference.
  4. After that tap Export Chat > select Telegram within the Share menu.

After doing this, you would be ready to see that specific WhatsApp chat on Telegram. For now, you’ll only move chats one by one, there is no thanks to move them across in bulk. you’ll also export group chats using an equivalent method.

Move WhatsApp chats to Telegram on iOS

  1. Open a talk in WhatsApp, then tap the world right beside the profile picture of a contact on the highest .
  2. Tap Export Chat > select Telegram within the Share menu.

There’s also a quicker thanks to do that by getting to the most chat screen of WhatsApp, then swiping left on a talk then tapping Export Chat.

The chat that you easily import will include original timeline and are available with a flag at rock bottom that says ‘Imported‘.

Another thing to require note here is that messages and media moved to Telegram won’t occupy extra space on your smartphone. Users also can optimise space for storing and control cache size by tapping Data and Storage Usage tab in Settings.

I think after that you don’t have any doubt about How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to Telegram. If you still have any doubt you can comment me and  say your problem.

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