Mi Dual diver vs Realme Buds 2


Mi Dual diver vs Realme Buds 2

First thing I say you here I comparisons or Review all product that i personally buy. After I buy I and my team use it in different pattern and many different purposes. After that I give you the full details about those products.

Mi Dual diver vs Realme Buds 2

Mi Dual driver 

Why I choose Mi Dual driver and Realme Buds 2?

We all know these two Product Have Good sound Drivers. In this price ranger No one gives this type features. After many searches I found these two Earphones have some similar feature. Now many People buy these two Earphones for listen music and also for gaming. But some user may confuse to choose the best Earphones from These two ear phones. Don’t worry here I clear your confusion about Mi Dual Driver and Realme Buds 2.

Mi Dual diver vs Realme Buds 2

So, let’s start

Mi dual driver Details:-

We all are known About the Mi brand this is a ruler company in market now this time. Mi always makes a reliable product with an attractive price range. Also the Features of mi product is soo good.

Mi Dual diver vs Realme Buds 2

  • Mi earphones are usually making her earphones with the Mattel body. So Mi dual driver is also made with Mattel and build quality of this earphone is soo good.
  • Cable of this earphone is soo good because it has the braided cable. I know the braided cable is very strong and it is very lasting cable with tangle free technology.
  • It have the 90* band headphone jack with great fitting. Now a day many good reputed brands include in her earphones.
  • Sound of Mi Dual Driver is next level. Because it has the two drivers in one side on her earphones also it has the 10 mm+8mm two different driver. This Two Driver is so good and provides a reach bass and a crystal clear sound. You can fell all track of your music. 10mm is for bass and another 8 mm driver is for treble. If you are bass lover it is only for you. Top sound of this earphone is soo high.
  • It also comes with the passive noise cancellation technology.
  • Remote controller of this earphone is with the right side of wire. The controller style is so slick and a cylinder type. In controller you get the 3 button to call receive/reject and also for the music play/pause. Another two buttons is for change music tracks.
  • Weight only 19 g that is soo good for longer period use. And you get extra two pair of ear tips with different sizes.

Realme Buds 2 Details:-

Mi Dual diver vs Realme Buds 2

Mi Dual diver vs Realme Buds 2

Realme Buds 2

We all are Know the Realme is also a good brand, many user happy with it. Realme always make good Product with an exciting Price range. The Features of this earphone is good.

  • It made with the Fiber body. Fiber body is also good a light weight. Also it has the magnetic feature that helps you the make your earphones cable tangle free.
  • Cable of realme Buds 2 is soo good because her use the one of the best material. Felling of this wear is so good it give you a premium felling.
  • It has great quality 3.5mm Headphone jack but it not have the 90* bend Jack so this feature is not soo good for gaming and fro user friendly.
  • Sound of Realme Buds 2 is good but in comparison Mi Dual driver provides one of the best sound. Realme Buds 2 has big 11.2 mm Driver. It also provide good treble but soo good Bess in comparison of Mi Dual Driver. You use it for l the listen music in daily life. You also use it for Workout, running and many other Purposes.
  • It has no any noise cancellation feature.
  • Remote controller of this earphone include with main wire. The controller style is so different but it has a details design. In controller you get the 3 button to call receive/reject and also for the music play/pause. Another two buttons is for change music tracks.
  • It have only 12g  that is very good thing about realme Buds 2. Also it comes with the extra Two paired of Silicon ear tips with different size

Which is good for gaming/PUBG?

For gaming we all are know the sound is important for us, many player play the like PUBG or there serious game. In serious game like PUBG. In game many Object produce many different sound. Like enemy Foot Steps, Gun firing sound, Vehicles sound, important call from your team mate. All are very important for us because these sounds are Help to a Game Win and lose.

In Mi dula driver you all are know it have the Dual driver one is for Treble and other is for bass, so It have Provide A real 3d sound, all sound you fell very well. You easily Track your Enemy footstep and kill them. All long distance sound like vehicles sound is Know very well. Firing just fell you like real sound. Mi dual driver is soo Good for gaming/ PUBG.

IN Realme Buds 2 you get the single drive but it not bed for gaming. It provides you the decent sound to all object sounds captured in decent way.

May be you have clear about the these two earphones which is best for gaming or not.

Mi Dual diver vs Realme Buds 2

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