Ptron Earphones Is for Gaming or Not.

Ptron Earphones Is for Gaming or Not

Now a Days Many People use Many Earphones and In Market Day by Day New Company are invent, These Are Make us Very Confused to choose the Best one. Ptron Is Also a New Electronics Brand and he Made Many Types of Wired and Wireless Earphones. Also They Have Many Competitive.

Is Ptron Earphones Good for Gaming or not.

First we Discuss About the, what is the Recruitments for a Good Gaming earphones. Here we discuss About the Sound Quality, Frequency Range, Design, Build Quality, Grip, and Weight. Ptron Earphones Is for Gaming or Not.


In a Gaming Earphone First Important Thing is Sound Because like BGMI, COD, Free Fire, Counter Strike and These Types of all Games are Fully Depend on Sound. These Game are Give you a Realistic Feel by the Virtual and Sound. With a Good Sound You Can Win a Game If you not have Good Sound Then It May be harder to win the Games. If you have a Good Sound Quality Earphones Then you easily heard the All Object Sounds and give a Move as Your Choice.


After Sound Frequency Also a Most Important Thing, if you have a good Frequency Figure Then it can enhance The Sound quality. You have at least 20Hz to 20000Hz. if Starting Frequency Range Re Low Then 20 Hz Then It cans More Advantage for you because and Low Frequency Captured Very Low Level of Sound and High Frequency Figure Give you an Impressive Sound on a High Volume sound. Also You Can Notice the Sensitivity Figure It must be 108dB±3dB This Figure is Minimum for a Good Sensitivity. It Give you an Advantage in Game. In Game You Can Easily Heard the Foot Steps of Enemies and Track them properly, and Give a Move to Attack or Defend Yourself. Also It Help you to listen the Vehicles, Gun Firing Sound and all Object sounds From Very Long Desistance.


After Sound and Frequency we discuss About the Design. Design of the Gaming Earphones is an Important Thing Because a Good Gaming Earphones Design Help you to be More Focused on a Serious Gameplay. Design of ear buds also a Play an Important Rule in A Good Design. A User Friendly Design is Most Important for Use it for a Long Time also it help you too Easy to Store and Use it quickly. Also it Help you to Use Earphone for a Longer Period and It never Irritated and Never Brake your Focused When you play an Intense Match of Your Favorite Games.


We all are Know Grip are Very Important in a Good Gaming earphones Because Good grip Help you to Be Focused On the Game in a Serious Situation. Also It Help you to Remove Background Noises and Give you a Filtered Sound. For Good Grip you Can Choose Earphone Who Have Extra Ear tip with Different Sizes. Then You Can Use Ear tips as Your Need. Another Notables Thing is Ear buds Design. It Can be angled Like 45* or may be Different but You Check the Angle Ear buds Suitable For you or Not.


Build Quality is also a Considerable Thing Because When you spend an Amount of Money Then you Get Profit from them that’s Why Build Quality Is Matter. Good Build Quality Gaming earphones enhance the Gaming Feeling.


Weight is Not Conform it will be Change with the Specs and Build Quality. If They Use Good Material for Good Build Quality then Weight may be Increase. But Some Gaming Earphones are using High Strength Fiber for Low Weight and Batter Build Quality.

These are 6 Noticeable Thing for Choose a Good Gaming Earphones,

Let’s Check the Specifications of pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver, in-Ear Gaming Earphones

Is PTron earphones good for gaming?

Key Details:-

First Thing Is Sound Quality, Impressive Thing is it Comes with the 4 Drive, 2 Drive Placed in One Site of ear buds. 8+8 mm Driver are Placed in one site of ear buds. One for the Bass and Another one for the Vocal. With this it Give you an Impressive Textured Bass and Crystal Clear Treble That Enhance the Sound Quality in Gaming.

Second thing is Frequency, It comes with the 20Hz~20KHz Frequency and sensitivity have 101dB±3dB. This Frequency Figure Give you an Impressive Sound Experience. Another Thing is Sensitivity It have a Very Good Figure of Sensitivity, It Captured Very low level of Sound and in game You Easily Listen the all Object sound very Well. You can Easily Track your Enemies By her Foot Steps Sound and Give a Move for Attack or defend yourself.

Third Thing is Design, pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Drivers come with a Different Design and Unique Design. It made With the Clear plastic that give you an attractive Look, when you Use it for gaming It Grab Many Attention From others. Cable Also Tangle Free and It Easy to use and You Can Easily use it For Long time a Day. Also you can Store it Very Well and Use it instantly when you need.

Fourth Thing is Grip, it Have a Myth all are Say These Types of Earphones Never Give you a Good Grip but It Brake the myth It Give you Good Amount of Grip and It never Slip From the your ear. Because it have the Unique Angle Design of ear buds. For Batter Grip It comes with the extra Three Different Sizes of ear tips, you can Use ear tips As your Needs.

Fifth is Build Quality It Mae with a Next level of Plastic. It looks Totally Clear you can easily see the Drivers. But It Is Very Strong.

Six is Weight it have not much Weight with Four Drivers It come with the only 20g weight. That not so bed.


  1. pTron Boom Ultima 4D Dual Driver Come With the In-line Remote Control with Mic, Music & Call Control. Speaker Sensitivity: 101dB±3dB. Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz.
  2. Extra Three Different Types of Silicon Ear tips come with this Earphone.
  3. Also it has the Carry Pouch, You Can Easily Store or Carry it with this Pouch.
  4. Long Cable, It Come With the 1.2mm Long Tangle Free Cable That’s Give You a Hands-Free Feeling and you never feel uneasy when you play an Intense Match.
  5. It comes with the 3.5mm Gold Plated Universal Headphone Jack That’s Support with Wide Range of Devices. Good Thing is Gold Plated, Gold Plated Captured More Track with Great Speed.
  6. Warranty: It comes With the 1 Year Warranty, That’s Very Important in a Electronics Product.


  1. It Comes With the Straight Headphone Jack That May Be Not Suitable For All Users.

After that I think You Don’t Have any Doubt About the Ptron Earphones is For Gaming or Not, Also You Still Have Any Doubt About that You Can Also Comment Me.

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